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June 9, 2021
Through the Alliance Francaise Network, 13 regional AF outposts will hand-pick and present a unique selection of music from their local scenes during Fete de la Musique. From classical to folk to indie rock and a whole lot more, the Alliance Francaise Network will take the radio’s reins to present yet another window into India and Nepal's rich musical landscape, each day of FDM, from noon until 4pm. Tracklist: Meera Desai - Divine Time Wise - No One Fits Heat Sink - Wait A Sec DPSG - Kalyani Drive Kutcheri - Preeti Saadhyave Ranj, Clifr, Issamood - 4 Come Thru Blind Sherpa - Hog tied Freedom Nitin Rajesh - Kho Jaane ki Zid SteelRush - Round N Round Aman Jagwani and Anubha Kaul - This Place Linformation - Ando Perp - Bodies Smalltalk - I Feel Fat Tear in Heaven - Violin Version - Eric Clapton Live Tabla Performance by Avir Bhav Brothers of Board - Abstract is a state of mind THC - Tam Tam Tam THC - Black Kaafi Trihta - Yaman Rhapsody Harini - Sakhi Ri Laaj Poornima Krishna Emani - Carnatic Flute The Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling Champe Khan Gafur Khan Kutle Khan Gauley Bhai Jooni - Nana Del Retorno Kanta Dab Dab Yeast - Anthem PA System Krameri Jordan - Veesum Velichathile Oliver Joss - Come Together Zan David and Surya Perf.Lab Zan David and Surya Perf.Lab - SADNESS from IS THIS THE END Surya - Rebirth Surya - Hope Tirat - Continent De Plastique Arya Dayal - NAAGAPAATTU Thaikkudam Bridge - Navarasam Project Malabaricus - Arutharuthu
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