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FÊTE de la MUSIQUE - Curated by A Humming Heart
Electro Pop
Indie Dance
June 18, 2021
A publication with a heavy focus India’s independent music industry, A Humming Heart, since their inception in 2017, has covered a wide range of music from different parts of India and hopes to expand its coverage without any biases or boundaries. They’ve been instrumental in highlighting interesting trends and profiles through regular music reviews, news, releases and features. For Fête de la Musique 2021, Sukanya Agarwal, co-founder of A Humming Heart has put together a playlist of influential electronic music from France, and a number of new releases from Indian musicians and producers. “France is a great place to start when exploring electronic music. This playlist celebrates how foundational French electronic music is, and explores its discernible influence on French/Francophone and Indian artists on the rise.” - Sukanya Agrawal. "
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