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FÊTE de la MUSIQUE - Curated by Roychuu
"Roychuu a.k.a Megha Roy is a part-time fashion writer and part-time Pokémon, trying to find purpose in New Delhi while also diving deep into nostalgic sound through various eras–with a special focus on dream pop, synthwave and new wave. Her show Dog days soundtracks the seemingly mundane moments in life, exploring the hottest, laziest dog days of summer, tinged with bittersweet nostalgia. Her Fete de la Musique playlist ties into Pride Month and Roychuu shares her thoughts on some of the ideas behind her musical selections: “Every year, there’s discourse about muting the kink at pride and keeping it ‘respectable’ for the kids. But historically, we’ve known kink and pride go hand-in-hand. My playlist for Fête de la Musique is all about letting loose and experiencing your sexuality how you want to - without any shame. It features some of my favourite hyperpop, avant-pop, PC Music, deconstructed club, French hip-hop tracks and so much more! Instead of buying into corporate pride, let’s celebrate our queer artists (every month of the year).” "
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