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FÊTE de la MUSIQUE - Curated by Shireen
"Shireen from New Delhi burst onto the scene just a few years ago with her deep commitment to electronic music from the UK underground. Her style has since evolved into a signature blend left field dance floor music that combines the best of high-octane breakbeats, techno, dubstep and UK Funky. 
 Shireen disclosed the vision behind her playlist contribution to Fete de la Musique: “Given that the world has sucked for a long while, I was struck by the fairly common but still significant thought of how many ways music has helped people cope: through emotional connection, or something to research and explore, or just to get lost in the sound and atmosphere of your favourite tunes, basically providing something to throw yourself into and explore, and be happy (or at least not sad) for a while. And so, for a playlist celebrating music, I've put together songs that have most recently highlighted the essentiality of music in a desperate time, when I was most worried I was forgetting about it.”"
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