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India Takeover on Rinse France - Denver
June 21, 2021
All-round creative, Denver is involved in a variety of artistic pursuits, and notably head of design at '4NC¥' (Foreign Currency Records). This mix showcases a cross section of label’s finest releases, as well as a couple of unreleased joints and dubs, as they prep for the upcoming launch of their new imprint 4NC¥ // DarkMode. Tracklist: Oceantied - U R (4NF002) ETRA - DPR (4NC064) ETRA - MIND (4NC064) Frenquency - Kuch Kuch (4NC007) PAV4N, Hyroglifics, Fixate - ALL ON BLACK (Fixate's 98 Spesh) (4NC037) Somatic - Dusk Flight (4NC040) Mosillator - SPRINT (4NC056) D-Code & Psylence - Breathe (4NC019) D-Code & Psylence - Tell Me What You Want (4ND006) (Unreleased) D-Code & Psylence - Everyday (ft. Dubois) (4NC065) Tryst Temps - Tactical (4NC062) Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Confusious Rework) (4NF004) Somatic - Deep Water (4NC040) Killswsh - GIRL (Visages Remix) (4NC013) Tryst Temps - Rockstar (4NC062) Frequency Ft Redders - Good as Gold (Night Shift Remix) (4NC018)
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