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India Takeover on Rinse France - Ruhail Qaisar
June 21, 2021
Ruhail Qaisar is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and producer from Ladakh, India. His work focuses on sound art and experimental filmmaking. He has been performing all over India since 2016 under his previous moniker Sister. As a musician, he explores the confines of memory, intergenerational trauma, and the operational swarm of the unconscious through the incorporation of vernacular poetic gestures and improvisation. The work serves to transmit memories carried through events and local mythos as developed through his recollections of growing up in the remote villages of Ladakh, disturbed with spastic barrages of post-industrial noise and unnerving power-electronics. He also participated remotely in the Musicmakers Hacklab at CTM Festival: Transformation 2021. With the highlight being the multilingual feedback loop performance piece {Quz民hi辩 क्शन化證कॉ}. Tracklist: Orchestra De La Paillotte - La Guinée Moussolou Ghédalia Tazertès - Casimodo Tango KMRU - Und Aaron Dilloway, Lucrecia Dalt - The Blob Pan Daijing - Dictee 三月 Tashi Dorji - Death Flowers Gabber Modus Operandi - Melayu Boleh Neraka Iceage - High and Hurt Japan - Despair Chakra - あこがれ Eddy Dibble - How Many Grapes? Rose Serey Sotha - I Will Starve Myself to Death Emma Acs - My Beloved ( Lost to Begin With) Tibetan Folk Ensemble - Gung Mu 33EMYBW - Tentacle Centre Diapsiquir - Olow
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