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India Takeover on Rinse France - Sleepy Insomniac
June 21, 2021
The mix is a showcase of the exceptional music coming out in recent times from India’s top-notch electronic music producers. It jumps through various soundscapes and includes lots of fresh releases alongside some unreleased heaters from friends. Sleepy Insomniac aka Jaskaran Rana has been cultivating a taste for electronic music since he can remember. Always curious about new sounds and moods, he is on a constant quest to discover new music. A software engineer by profession, he is usually knee deep in projects involving music and technology. Sleepy Insomniac is also a DJ and hosts his monthly radio show called ‘Lucid Dreams’ on Lucid Dreams is your monthly psychedelic dance excursion that takes you to the 4th dimension and beyond, through hypnotic smoked-out sounds and euphoric stompers. Strap in, sit back and enjoy the ride. Tracklist: Arushi Jain - Zid [ Recordings] Three Oscillators - Transcendence [Bare Recordings] Kohra - Acid Kidz (Sublime Sound Remix) [Qilla Records] Mutable Mercury - ??? [Unreleased] SUCHI - ??? [Unreleased] Zokhuma - Code [Independent] Watashi - Pogchamp Hard [Regenerate Music] Chhabb - Stiff Culture [FOL Records] Himay - Bombay Dreams [400303 Records] Butter Bunz - ??? [Unreleased] Kollision - K Hole [AsymetriK] FILM - Codename Unknown [Bare Recordings] Fr4ctal - Electron Flow [Regenerate Music] Yung.Raj - Lokomotif [Krunk Kulture] Lacuna - The Last Straw [Independent] Ranzen - Shubhakamana [Krunk Kulture] Murthovic - Gum Riddim [AsymetriK] Kohra - The Introspector [Krunk Kulture]
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