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India Takeover on Rinse France - Stain
June 21, 2021
Sourodeep Guha a.k.a Stain is Delhi based bass music producer mainly focusing on genres like Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Dubstep and Jungle. He is one of the key members who formed the collective called “Sub-Z”, who also have hosted artists like Rider Shafique and Ivy Lab in their event series called “Bassmndi”. His music has been featured in shows like Skip-a-Beat by Spryk, Juggernaut by Tarqeeb on and Tarqeeb’s Guest mix on NTS radio for Madam X. He recently released an EP called “Breach” along with his collective Sub-Z. He has shared the stage with artists such as Reggae Rajahs, Delhi Sultanate, Daisuke Tanabe, CEE, Flowdan, Skeptical and Egoless. Tracklist: Stain - Outer Sanctum [XCPT Music] Raakshas - ID [Unreleased] Stain - ID [Unreleased] Interfluv - ID [Unreleased] Stain - Azalea Riddim [Independent] Stain - Eldritch Riddim [22-2 Compilation] NaaR - ID [Unreleased] EchoFloat - Primal Condition [Independent] Stain - ID [Unreleased] Stain - ID [Unreleased] Stain - Rubber Slide [Independent] Stain - Malik Ambar [Independent] Stain - No Refuge [Independent] Panik - ID [Unreleased] Stain - ID [Unreleased] Young Money - Trophies [Stain Edit] flux vortex - ID [Unreleased] Stain - ID [Unreleased] Stain - Reverse Horizon [Independent] Stain - Sneaking [Independent] Stain - ID [Unreleased] Stain - Disowned Realm [Independent] C4GE - ID [Unreleased] Stain - ID (ft. El Chonky) [Unreleased] Stain - State of Love [Stain’s Family Special] [Unreleased]
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