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Radio Exchange - Movement Radio | Panos Alexiadis
June 21, 2021
Movement Radio is an international online radio station based in Athens. It explores the cross-cultural interactions, political and theoretical discourses and reflections of movement of people from the Mediterranean and beyond, through a series of commissioned pieces, thematic mixtapes, interviews, DJ sets and more. This mix by Panos Alexiadis on his monthly show "Garten der Unbewusstheit" is like wandering through the garden of unconsciousness. The 12-hour Radio Exchange for Fête de la Musique 2021 begins at midnight IST on June 21st and features hourly contributions from: Hanoi Community (Vietnam) 
Hotel Radio Paris (France) 
Hamshack Radio (South Africa)
Karachi Community Radio (Pakistan) 
HKCR Radio (Hong Kong) 
Radio Raheem (Italy) 
Radio Flouka (France) 
Radio Alhara (Palestine)
Movement Radio (Greece) (UK) 
Seoul Community Radio (Seoul) (Canada) Each global station brings a taste of their curation and programming to the Indian airwaves.
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