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Twitch Demo Session w/ brijplease & 4NC¥
Demo Session
Twitch Demo Session w/ brijplease & 4NC¥ - Fête de la Musique 2021
June 17, 2021
4NC¥’s India signee Yung.Raj, French signee Koothu ஒலி and the label’s press manager-slash radio host Lush Lata join prolific music producer and educator Brij Dalvi aka brijplease for an exclusive Fête de la Musique demo listening session on Twitch. If you’re a producer in India or France and are looking to have your beats listened to by the new guard of electronic music and hip-hop, send over a private Soundcloud link via email to Note: There are only 20 submission slots available for this 90-minute Live Twitch session. Yung.Raj, whose latest release BASSW8 came out on 4NC¥, has been producing bass music in its myriad forms since his start as a world-touring beatboxer over a decade ago. Koothu ஒலி is a bassist and beat maker from France whose love for India is on full display in iNDiATMOSPHERE, a hip-hop album that infused traditional and vintage Indian Pop, real life interactions, stories, new sounds & field recordings that was recently released on 4NC¥. Brij Dalvi, who performs and produces under many aliases, has left his emotive, glitchy mark on a number of styles of music ever since he got his hand on music production software in the 9th grade, and continues to soldier on as an inventive and prolific producer and educator.
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