AVID LIVE Session | Indian Classical Music and Future Legacy
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AVID LIVE Session | Indian Classical Music and Future Legacy - Fête de la Musique 2021
Jun 19, 2021
Saturday, 19th June 2021 | AVID LIVE Session | Indian Classical Music and Future Legacy a lecture demonstration by Founder and CEO of IndianRaga Sriram Emani  Have you heard the Carnatic version of the hit song Shape of You? Do you share a curiosity for ragas with your grandmother? To mark World Music Day 2021, join us for a lecture demonstration by Founder and CEO of IndianRaga Sriram Emani on classical Indian music today and its future trajectory. Sriram will give an overview of the genres and overall tradition and illustrate techniques, histories and styles from the Indian Classical oeuvre as well as sounds from the Indian diaspora. He will also speak about the ways in which classical Indian music can be modernized, can educate and engage with younger audiences and the role technology plays in keeping the genre relevant. He will also speak about how technology can aid musical collaboration and experimentation and touch upon the future of Indian classical music in the time and context of COVID.  Join us to deconstruct and appreciate the nuances of Indian classical music and learn more about its future trajectory.  Day and Date : Saturday, June 19 2021 Time : 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM (IST) Platform : Live Session on Zoom  Click to know more and Register prior to the session:  https://www.avidlearning.in/programmes/2021/live-indian-classical-music-and-future-legacy/
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